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Book Launch: The Advaita Life Practice by Jayant Kalawar

Book Summary

The Advaita Life Practice: Balancing Work, Relationships & Money in the Twenty-First Century, by Jayant Kalawar.

The main thrust of this collection of essays underscores how the concepts and tools of the Advaita (non dual) traditions of India can be effectively combined with twenty-first century American planning and strategy methods to bring about a harmonious balance in the work, relationship and money areas of life. Specifically, the book focuses and interprets the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, chapters thirteen through eighteen, in a twenty-first century idiom while providing every day examples to describe subtle concepts of how our identity develops and how the scripts evolve for the roles we play every day.

 Throughout the book's nine essays, Kalawar presents an in-depth discussion on how we can understand our roles and scripts, how our desires and fears evolve our scripts and how our attachments stop us from changing.  The essays also discuss the challenges of acting out roles in our work, relationships and the money areas of life without attachments so that we can progress towards becoming subtle strivers while, simultaneously, playing the roles of material experiencers (which is how we act most of the time.)

The Advaita Life Practice: Balancing Work, Relations & Money in the Twenty-First Century is perfect for those who wish to explore ways to bring harmonious balance in their life.  It is also especially useful for the student of Yoga who will learn how Advaita (non dual) concepts and practices can help them remain in balance in their material life.

Jayant Kalawar is the author of The Advaita Life Practice, available at Amazon.